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What the Top Upgraded Stocks in November Share in Common

Key Points

  • The stocks on the most upgraded list are changing but are still dominated by tech and AI. 
  • These stocks are all set to report earnings soon and could catalyze their markets to new highs. 
  • The long-term outlook for AI and its monetization make these stocks buy-on-the-dip candidates. 
  • 5 stocks we like better than CrowdStrike

The most upgraded stocks in November, the top seven listed on usafinancedigest’s platform, all have two things that aren’t surprising in common. The first is that they are all monetizing AI. AI is hot, but most of the buzz is in its development and deployment; the average company’s revenue and profit gains are still in the future. 

Second, these companies are all set to report earnings over the following few weeks. The analysts are raising targets going into the reporting cycle, potentially setting the bar high. The takeaway is that these tech companies lead the field, monetizing now what others won’t until tomorrow and on pace to deliver value to shareholders. Post-release weakness is likely a buying opportunity, provided no lousy news emerges. 

Crowdstrike rises to the top of the list 

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. NASDAQ: CRWD has been slowly progressing up the upgrade list and is now in first position. The company is rated a Moderate Buy with a higher price target but still lags the market. The consensus implies a 10% downside, but most fresh targets are above that level. 

Analysts expect revenue growth to persist in the mid-30% range and for the margin to nearly double. Stifel is among the most recent, upgrading the stock to “buy” with a target of $224 compared to the $195 consensus. Crowdstrike differentiates itself with its highly effective endpoint security, unencumbered architecture and scale. 

Zscaler is a close second; analysts lead it into a reversal

Zscaler NASDAQ: ZS is a close second, with 31 positive analyst actions compared to the 32 received by Crowdstrike. It is also rated a “moderate buy,” with a price target increasing but lagging the market. 

However, the most recent targets are leading the market higher. It, too, is supported by the digital shift and growing need for cybersecurity. Jeffries upgraded it to buy (and Crowdstrike), citing its position in distributed and cloud-based workloads. Analysts expect it to grow about 33% with a year-over-year margin improvement. Because the analysts expect a sequential deterioration in margin not seen elsewhere, there is a significant opportunity for outperformance on the bottom line. 

NVIDIA slips to third

NVIDIA Corporation NASDAQ: NVDA has held a prominent position on the most upgraded list all year and is in third position ahead of earnings. It’s rated a “moderate buy” with a consensus of 15% above current action and trending higher. Analysts expect its revenue to nearly triple compared to last year, driven by sales of H100, AI-related hardware and services. 

Guidance should also be solid; the risk with NVIDIA is that competitors are working hard to advance their chips and may one day whittle down NVIDIA’s market share. 

Adobe rallies on a strong foundation 

Adobe Inc. NASDAQ: ADBE is the fourth most upgraded stock, rated a “moderate buy.” Its consensus target assumes fair value with shares near the current level, but it has trended higher all year and is leading the market higher. 

Analysts see this company growing revenue sequentially and year-over-year and widening its margin, which is already top-tier. The exposure to business and consumer products is critical to the margin and the recurring revenue, which provides a clear line of sight to future profits. may fall off the list

Oddly, Inc. NYSE: CRM rose in the top five but may fall off the list. The most recent revisions are downgrades. They have the consensus sentiment and price target edging lower. As it is, the stock is rated a moderate buy with a potential 8% upside at the mid-point. 

Workday resets outlook; analysts shrug it off

Splunk a hold: Most upgraded and downgraded stock

The takeaway from  analyst activity is that it is a hold and fairly valued at current levels. The activity is mixed but plentiful enough to be on the most upgraded and  lists. 

Analysts have raised their estimates for Q3 — the bar could be high. Regardless, they expect revenue growth of around 11% and earnings of around 40%. The price action in the stock is bullish; a good report could get it to advance without analysts spurring it on. 

Before you consider CrowdStrike, you’ll want to hear this.

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