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How Can Generative AI Monetization be Boosted by a New GPT Store?

OpenAI, partially owned by Microsoft, is introducing a GPT app store for customized AI applications, similar to the Apple app store. Creators of GPTs will soon have the opportunity to earn money based on their content’s popularity. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, more than 18,000 organizations are using Azure AI, which is part of Microsoft’s cloud services.

ChatGPT operator OpenAI, in which Microsoft holds a 49% stake, aims to revolutionize the process with a new spin. The company recently announced the introduction of customized apps, known as GPTs, which can be easily built without the need for coding. OpenAI is striving to make creating these customizations as easy as generating ChatGPT commands. The company’s move reflects a more open-source-like approach to AI apps, opening up innovation similar to Apple and Google.

During the announcement, OpenAI founder and CEO Sam Altman stated, “We believe if you give people the tools, they will do amazing things.” The company also highlighted that GPTs will become searchable and may climb the leaderboards once in the store. GPT creators will be able to earn money based on how many people are using their content in the coming months.

OpenAI developed its technologies using a Microsoft supercomputer and over 10,000 Nvidia graphics processing units. Although it is uncertain whether customized AI models will be the intended revenue generator, OpenAI may have some advantage over other products such as Google’s Bard, as it was early to market and received significant attention.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, highlighted that more than 18,000 organizations use Azure AI, part of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which offers a range of AI tools and services. Azure AI allows developers and enterprise customers to build, deploy, and manage AI applications and solutions in the cloud.

Nadella also mentioned that digital companies are using OpenAI to power their AI solutions, making them Azure customers as well. Meanwhile, Alphabet is also pursuing the monetization of generative AI, with CEO Sundar Pichai mentioning the company’s experimentation with bringing generative AI capabilities into search.

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